Samsung, the Korean electronics company, has developed electronics products that include automotive, TVs, Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets, Washing machines, printers, Speakers, Air coolers, Refrigerators, Micro-ovens and what not! Which Samsung product are you using? Are you confused by the frequent numerical codes that appear on the device’s screen? Stick around with us for a little while to know the secret of these error codes.

Important Information about Error Codes in Samsung Products:

Error codes and messages are used by almost all the electronics companies to signify a particular problem with the product. You can find the meanings of those in the manual of the device. In this website, we have enlisted the most common Samsung error messages for most of their popular products. It is impossible to mention all the ways to Fix Samsung Error Codes and Messages for all of their devices. Therefore, call us directly at our Samsung support toll-free helpline number +1-800-984-0517 to get the answer to your confusion immediately.

Samsung Mobile Error Codes and Messages:

  • Message sending failed: Restart your phone and reset your connection to fix this kind of problem. Then try sending the message again.
  • Error code 927: It means that your memory allotted for text messages has been full. You should delete the unnecessary messages from your inbox or Samsung will delete the messages from the last.
  • DNS error: You won’t be able to load or view the website you are attempting to open. You need to disable verification of the reception option in your emails settings.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes and Messages:

  • dE: Close the door firmly.
  • 4E: There is a water intake error. Check the water filter hose or turn on the water source.
  • 5E: Keep the debris filter clean. The water drainage pipe needs to be attached correctly
  • UE: You have put too many clothes inside the machine. Balance the amount or distribution of the clothes inside the machine.

Samsung Television Error Codes and Messages:

  • Mode not supported: You have connected your TV to a device with a video resolution that is not supported by the television. It may also get caused by an HDMI cable that is longer than 6ft.
  • No signal: Your TV is detecting a connection but it is not receiving a signal from that connection. You can try to turn the device power off and on which might solve the issue.

Samsung AC Error Codes and Messages:

  • Ch: Compressor starting delay
  • P0: High-temperature discharge sensor turned the system down. It means that there must be a high-temperature object in the room that is causing damage to the natural cooling system of your AC.
  • T4: error occurred in the liquid refrigerant pipe that passes out the humidity inside the room.
  • G6: Error due to the damage in the Oil temperature sensor for too many times.

Why Should You Call Us?

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